Staff Philosophy

We have a strong family ethos and no matter what someone’s role within the home is we encourage them to embrace that way of working. This means treating everyone, residents, families, friends and colleagues, with care and respect.

It is very important to us that all our staff recognise the individuality of every resident as a fundamental part of their approach to delivering care or working in the home.

Delivering good care is all about creating great relationships, and together we work hard to create a warm, friendly and welcoming environment where lives are enriched through receiving the best care possible.

John Walton


John grew up in Manchester and has personal experience of being part of a small family living with and caring for a relation (his grandmother, who lived to be 101) and equally of the emotions experienced when a family can no longer provide 24/7 care at home.

When he became the owner of Woodleigh Christian Care Home in 2003 he committed himself to the safe and compassionate care of their residents. John works in the business every day, making sure that all Woodleigh Care’s residents are enjoying life to the best of their ability.

Co-owner of the business is John’s wife Gail, who is a GP in Ilkeston and they have three children. Outside of work, John’s spare time centres on involvement with the family’s sports commitments and with Trinity Methodist Church Long Eaton –and in particular it’s Youth Work.

Ashley Baird

Home Manager

I feel that here at Baily House we put emphasis on each resident as an individual, promoting their choices and enabling them to maintain links with the wider community. I envisage a wide activities programme and all staff working together to encourage people to continue their long term hobbies and take up new ones.

I believe the only way to achieve the very best care, is to have a well-trained and dedicated staff team, all of whom possess all the core values and beliefs that myself and the company feel are essential to be a part of the Woodleigh care group. This is achievable through robust recruitment processes and providing up to date, relevant training programmes. I look forward to the future of Baily House and working together to provide the most homely and best care experience for your loved ones.

Katie Cartledge

Care Quality Manager

As one of the Care Quality Managers at Baily House my role is to ensure that residents and staff are supported at all times.

The management team are available seven days a week to ensure that there is always someone available to help.

Part of my role includes ensuring that all staff are highly trained. I strive to include exciting and innovative training for all  staff to ensure that the residents living at Baily House receive exceptional care.

Gaynor Hallam

Care Quality Manager

I have worked at Baily House since we opened. I was part of the team that commissioned the opening of the home.

My responsibilities include supporting the home manager with the safe running of the home and ensuring that I am available to residents, staff and families to support them whenever needed.



Helen Curzon


Being Chaplain for both Woodleigh Christian Care Home and Baily House means I play a part in ensuring the lives of our residents are both fulfilling and purposeful, which gives me a huge amount of enjoyment and satisfaction.

As Chaplain I have an opportunity not only to share in a person’s faith or spiritual needs, but to support them with their emotional, physical and practical needs and support their families too. role gives a voice to those who may not otherwise be heard, ensuring equality, dignity, purpose and respect are promoted for everyone in a just and equal manner and without exception.




Diane Nairn

Kitchen Manager

My role is to ensure all our residents have their nutritional needs and requirements met on a daily basis, and to ensure they are all provided with a varied, appetising and balanced diet I gain immense joy seeing the faces of our residents and often their family members when food is served to them; it is often a highlight of their day. As catering manager, along with my very supportive team, we strive to provide fresh homemade meals and treats everyday and for every occasion, always taking into account our residents preferences and the different seasons.













The Ambitions Team

Rachel Dix, Jenna Hemmings and  Sarah Gregory

For our role as ambitions coordinators we like to keep everyone as happy and as active as possible. We work across all 3 floors and aim to ensure that there is always something happening that everyone can get involved with!

We offer everything from karaoke to card games, movie afternoons to trips out, and we will always make time for a well needed chat and a coffee to bring everyone together.

Margaret Dunn


As receptionist I like to ensure everyone who comes into Baily House receives a warm and friendly welcome. I am proud of the relationships I have built up with the relatives of our residents and always try to be sensitive to their needs. I combine my job with various admin duties including answering queries from residents, relatives and healthcare professionals. Whether this is done in person or on the telephone it is important to make sure all their concerns are passed on to the relevant staff members. I have the pleasure of having daily contact with our residents, and working closely with staff members to ensure their needs are met to a high standard in a safe and comfortable environment.






Wendy Layton

Care Planner

Care work is a hugely rewarding, yet at times, challenging profession.

Looking after the most vulnerable people in society is a pivotal role in health and social care.

I have worked at Baily House since 2016 and now my role is to meet with residents and their relatives, find out what they want and need and put it all into our plan of care.

If you ever have any questions please feel free to come and ask me.


Helen Trainer


I love working at Baily House because it is so homely, inviting and has a relaxed atmosphere that is created by all of the supportive staff and the residents themselves. They make me feel wanted and are always smiling and chatty. The job satisfaction of my role is that our residents live in a clean, safe and well maintained environment. I like to be able to offer support to residents as well as anyone that works in or visits the home. I really enjoy working with and learning from all of the teams at the home as they have very high standards and this motivates me in my job. For me Baily House is a care home that is an exception from the norm.

Amy Newton

Finance Manager

My role is very varied within WoodleighCare and involves me working across both Woodleigh and Baily House, from managing invoices and bills, to helping the residents with their small needs accounts and everything in between.






Eamon Swan



Always happy to help.  Before joining Baily House I have worked in maintenance in all sorts of places, including a few care homes.

I love to travel and can tell you about all sorts of places I have been.