Q Do the residents need to have the Covid vaccine to be admitted to Baily House/Woodleigh?
A: We aim to be a 100% vaccinated home to protect our residents and staff.

Q: Could the Covid vaccine be booked through Baily House/Woodleigh if they have not yet had it?
A: Yes. This can be arranged with the GP service.

Q: What happens if my family member tests positive for Covid-19?
A: As per government guidance your family member will have to isolate for 14 days. They would isolate in their bedroom.

Q: How often will my family member have a covid-19 swab?
A: All of our residents currently have a PCR swab every month in line with government guidance. We will also carry out extra swabs if your family member has symptoms of Covid-19

Q: What happens if another resident tests positive for Covid-19?
A:Following government guidance and advice from public health England any resident who has been in contact with someone with Covid-19 would have to isolate in their bedroom for 14 days. We would also swab all residents to see if they have Covid-19. The residents who live on the floor with the person with Covid-19 would isolate.

Q: What happens if a staff member tests positive for Covid-19?
A: If a staff member tests positive for Covid-19 they isolate at home for ten days.

Q: What is the current visiting policy at Baily House/ Woodleigh?
A:Visits still need to be pre-booked with the home, and visitors will still need to provide proof of a negative Covid-19 test (LFT) before entering the home.

An LFT can either be carried out by the visitor earlier on the day of their visit, or on arrival at the home. If an LFT is to be carried out at the home, please allow an additional 30 minutes prior to the time of your booked visit for the results to be returned.

Q: Do new residents have to have a PCR swab before they are admitted to Baily House/Woodleigh?
A: If a new resident is currently living within the community, we will provide a PCR swab to be done before admission. This will then be returned too Baily House/ Woodleigh care.
If a new resident is in another health care setting for example hospital, they will carry out a PCR test. If the swab results are negative a new resident does still have to isolate in their bedroom for 14 days after admission.

The new visiting restrictions will add another layer of protection for residents, in addition to the PPE, infection protection and control measures, and testing regime that we already have in place across our care homes. We will also be stepping up our testing frequency to 3 LFT tests and a PCR test per staff member, per week, in line with the new government guidance

Q:Will my family member need to isolate when they are admitted to Baily house/Woodleigh and how long will this be for?
A: Yes. Despite having a negative PCR test result new residents do have to isolate in their bedrooms for 14 days after admission. This is to ensure that the person is negative for Covid-19. After this they are able to socialise with others and do not have to isolate unless there is an outbreak of Covid-19 within the home.